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Whether you're new to PC gaming or a seasoned veteran, there's a gaming PC build for you.

Here's some of our most popular builds!

"The Console Killer"

If you're new to PC gaming or simply on a tighter budget, this is the best build to start with. You'll be running modern games on medium settings with a smooth 60FPS!

$500 PC Build

"VR-Ready beast"

Ready to step up your game? Dominate both high-end AND VR gaming easily with this powerhouse. Easily run modern (And future) games on high-ultra at 60FPS!

$1000 PC Build


If you want an insane, future-proof BEAST of a rig to crush modern games, and any games to come, this is the rig for you. Run ANY game on ULTRA+ at way above 60FPS!

$1500 PC Build

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