5 Epic Games To Look Forward To From E3 2017

E3 2017 is one of my favorite gaming conventions of all time – it’s right up there with the likes of PAX and Gamescom. However, unlike those conventions, E3 tends to have a massive presence from major companies like Microsoft, Sony, and more – and it also tends to feature more than just strictly video games, often branching out into technology in general (In some ways).

With E3 going on this week, there’s plenty of awesome games getting announced. Aside from mere announcements, though, we often see new gameplay videos and trailers for games that have already been announced in the past – such as Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. This makes it one of the best conventions to keep your eye on if you’re following a few games that don’t get many announcements.

Today, I wanted to quickly go over some of the titles I’m most excited for after seeing them at E3, and offer a few details about their gameplay mechanics, and general concepts. Unfortunately, not all the games I wanted to see at E3 have been shown off yet, (Such as Cyberpunk 2077, from the brilliant Witcher 3 devs).

Let’s get started!

Mount & Blade: Bannerlord

I am a huge Mount & Blade fan. I’ve been playing the series since the original game, and I’ve been insanely excited for the latest entry in the franchise since it was announced several years ago.

The best things about the Mount & Blade franchise are the sandbox nature of the game, and the way progression feels. In the M&B games, you aren’t a hero – you are nobody special. You’re just another guy (or gal) trying to make his or her way in the world. While Bannerlord isn’t reinventing that formula, it is significantly improving upon it. Better animations, better AI, a smoother combat system, and more – all of these things make Bannerlord a potentially brilliant next entry in the franchise.

TechSpot also covered the new trailers briefly right here.


If you’re looking for a new FPS to try, give LawBreakers a look. LawBreakers is a fast-paced shooter with an emphasis on mobility and teamwork. It’s often been referred to as “The love child of Gears of War and Overwatch”, and for good reason – it has phenomenal shooting mechanics (According to many hands-on accounts), and an  Overwatch-like class system and set of objectives.

Age of Empires Definitive Edition

If you’re a fan of real-time strategy games, you’ve probably played Age of Empires – the series of games that sparked a ton of renewed interest in the strategy genre at large.

While the original game (Released back in 1997) had some serious problems, it was still a massive hit – and, with the upcoming Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, all of those problems will be ironed out. Pathfinding will be fixed up, the UI will be modernized, and the graphics are completely overhauled.

Wolfenstein 2

Everyone’s favorite Nazi-killing game franchise is returning – bigger, better, and more explosive than ever before.

Wolfenstein 2 takes place in a Nazi-controlled America, with players being tasked with traveling around to various iconic locations throughout the country to recruit powerful resistance leaders, eventually sticking a proverbial boot up the Nazi occupiers’ collective behinds. Anyone who’s played previous Wolfenstein games pretty much knows what to expect here, but for everyone else, expect a massive arsenal of weapons, lots of Nazi killing, and fantastic shooting mechanics.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

The original Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was already a fantastic game, with a ton of unique mechanics. With an Arkham-like combat system, and the ability to dominate and manipulate Uruks throughout orc society (thanks to the game’s “Nemesis” system), it was one of the most insanely fun games I’d ever played. Middle Earth: Shadow of War is improving on everything that worked in the first game while adding brand new, expanded gameplay mechanics and ditching anything that sucked.

Shadow of War has improved combat, a far better Nemesis system (With each orc having their own personality and action, and the ability to betray or remain loyal to you throughout the game), and an all new RPG-like gearing system. No longer do you just pick from a few different skins for Talion, now you loot actual weapons and armor from defeated enemies, which affect both the appearance and stats of Talion. Plenty of epic gear is part of various sets, too, which unlock special abilities when combined.

Yeah, it’s going to be fantastic. With how amazing the game looks, though, it might require a pretty powerful gaming PC build to play!

Geek.com also got some hands-on time with Shadow of War, so I recommend heading over there to check out their full account.


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