Logitech G402 Review

Logitech G402 Review – Could it Be The Top FPS Gaming Mouse of 2017?

Some of you might already know this by now, but I’m a huge fan of Logitech peripherals – for the most part, anyway. I rave about my current mouse (the Logitech G502 Proteus Core) all the time, and I was a proud user of the Logitech G710 mechanical keyboard up until recently.

Logitech has a strong reputation in the gaming peripheral industry, and there’s a very good reason for that – they’ve consistently made incredibly solid, high-performance mice and keyboards for years now.

Today’s review will cover one of these mice in particular – the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury. The G402 is advertised as “the World’s Fastest FPS Gaming Mouse”. I can’t quite testify to that bold claim, but judging by my personal experiences with it, I’m ready to take Logitech at their word!

Still… Overall, the G402 is – in my opinion – just another one of Logitech’s many awesome gaming mice. It has a few unique features that I’ll discuss below (And it’s a great gaming mouse for any genre, obviously), but nothing that will really jump out at you as revolutionary.

Today, I’ll be taking a closer look at both the good and the bad of the G402 to give you an accurate picture of what you can expect – should you choose to pick this little guy up.

 Product Overview


Product Name: Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Average Customer Review (Amazon.com): 4.5 Stars

My Rating: 4/5

Price: $36.93

Max dpi: 4,000

Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Please bear in mind that prices are always prone to change – I’ll come back as often as possible to update the price, but don’t take my word as gospel.

Logitech G402 Review

One of the first things that popped into my mind when I unboxed this little guy was, “Did I order another G502 by mistake?”.

Joking aside, the G402’s resemblance to it’s higher-priced cousin is striking. The shape, the placement of the additional buttons and even the location of the LED lights are all pretty similar between the two. This is definitely not a bad thing, though – the G502 was designed with ergonomics, convenience and comfort in mind, so I don’t mind the G402 borrowing a few of its cooler features.

Okay, so similarities to other mice aside, let’s talk details. What makes this mouse awesome?

The first thing to take note of is the overall design. The G402 boasts a streamlined, simplified design compared to the G502) and I honestly prefer having a lot of the added bulk trimmed off this time around. Whereas the G502 had harsh, jaggex edges and indentations, the G402 has smooth, sleek curves that are overall more pleasant to look at and touch.logitech-g402-2

There’s a smooth, comfortable (Although not rubberized 🙁 ) thumb rest on the left side, and a nice rubberized surface on the right for your other fingers, by the way – this was a really nice feature in the G502, so I’m glad to see here as well. More mice should include a thumb rest!

The two major mouse buttons are convex (Curved outwards), unlike the G502’s indented left and right mouse buttons. I actually think this is a bit of a downside, personally, as convex mouse buttons tend to be less comfortable to grip (In my opinion).

The mouse as a whole is about the same size as the G502 (5.4″ long, 2.8″ wide), and fits my big hands pretty nicely. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, but it doesn’t have any adjustable weights, sadly – I tend to lean towards heavier mice, as they give me a better feeling of control (The G402 weighs in at just about 5.1 oz) The G402 feels suited to just about any type of grip, but those of you with claw grips will have a particularly easy time using this device.

8 Programmable Buttons

Moving on from the design, the next major thing you’ll notice about the G402 is the generous amount of buttons. While many high-end mice tend to only have 3 or 4 programmable buttons, Logitech seems to love going all out in this area, including 8 fully programmable buttons this time around – all conveniently placed.

The first 3 buttons are obvious (LMB, RMB and MMB), but you also have two upper buttons attached to the LMB, 2 more a bit farther back (Closer to where your thumb would be), and one more button embedded in the thumb wrest itself. Pretty nifty!

While these buttons all have “default” settings (In Logitech’s Gaming Software), they can be fully customized to just about anything you’d like. I like to have my two LMB-attached buttons bound to 3 DPI settings and my thumbrest-embedded button bound to a super low DPI setting (For quick and accurate sniping without breaking a sweat), for example, but you can also bind them to webpages, keystrokes and macros.g402-4

While we’re on the subject of buttons, let’s briefly talk about the scroll wheel button, and that area in general. The G502 included a “free wheel” button toggle, which – when pressed- would “unlock” the scroll wheel, allowing you to spin it as fast as you want. This was fantastic for scrolling through long webpages or documents, but it was also fun to fool around with when I was bored. Additionally, the scroll wheel on the G502 also had “nudge left” and “nudge right” buttons as well (Pretty self explanatory, I hope).

The G402 lacks all of these awesome features, unfortunately. The scroll wheel is decidedly boring. Not a big deal, though, especially when you consider the fact that this mouse is roughly $30-40 cheaper! And one thing the G402’s scroll wheel does have going for it is its smooth, grippy texture. The G502 had a smooth, metallic scroll wheel that many users complained about – something about it slipping. Don’t ask me how you ever lose your grip on a scroll wheel, though, because it’s beyond me).

Lighting & Accuracy

To finish things off, I wanted to talk about the lighting and the tracking accuracy. The lighting customization is quick to talk about – there isn’t any! This is not an RGB gaming mouse, and you will not be able to select from “Over 16.8 million colors” or anything like that. You get to enjoy Logitech’s blue LEDs for eternity (Okay, it’s not that dramatic, but still).

Next up, the tracking. I’ll be honest, I had high hopes going into this, and I was not disappointed. When someone advertises their mouse as “The fastest FPS gaming mouse in the world”, you kinda have to expect a lot. The G402 is indeed fast, and extremely accurate – no matter what surface I tested it on. I tested it on cloth (It struggled a little bit here, but not enough to impact my performance in any way), 3 different mouse mats/pads, finished and unfinished wood and metal. Yep, I go all out.

The results will shock yo-.. No? No clickbait? Fine.logitech-g402-3

It tracked very well on all the surfaces I tried it on, but it obviously performed the best on a dedicated mouse pad. If you’re an “on the go” type of gamer, I really don’t think you’ll have any issues with the G402 – no matter what surface you use it on.

The only somewhat-negative I can think of here is that the default “4 on-the-fly dpi settings” are a bit wonky. Going from 250 to 4,000 DPI is a bit too drastic of a change, in my opinion. I prefer a more gradual increase so that I can tweak things on the go. Make sure you go into Logitech’s Gaming Software and set up a profile for yourself that suits your needs (Everything’s very easy and intuitive to use – Here’s a screenshot of me using it with the G502 so you can see what it looks like at its most complex).

Is the G402 Worth Buying?

The G402 is definitely one of the best gaming mice on the market. With a lifetime of 20 million+ clicks, plenty of programmable buttons and a very comfortable ergonomic shape, it doesn’t get much better than this. Unless you opt for the more expensive Logitech G502 Proteus Core, of course.

If you look at the G402 as a toned down version of the G502, there’s really no way you could end up disappointed, because that’s basically what it is. It’s a great mid-range mouse that won’t break the bank.

But don’t just take my word for it – A ton of other people have already fell in love with the G402. Why don’t you see for yourself with the button below?


What’s your favorite gaming mouse? Are you thinking of grabbing the G402, or is there another mouse that’s caught your eye?

Tell me about it in the comments below! 🙂

Thanks for reading my Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury review, everyone! See you all next time.

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