Logitech G602 Mouse Review

Logitech G602 Mouse Review – The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Of 2016?

Although not as important as the actual hardware within a given gaming PC, a solid mouse can make a huge difference in your gaming experience. The right mouse will be comfortable, durable, and have excellent tracking. When it comes to wireless mice, though, the bar is raised even higher. Wireless mice often sacrifice quality/functionality for wireless capabilities. But, there are always exceptions, and the Logitech G602 wireless mouse is definitely one of them.

The question is, why? With my Logitech G602 mouse review, we’ll answer that question (and more)!

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Logitech G602 Review – Product Summary

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Of 2016

Product Name: Logitech G602

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 Stars

My Rating: 5/5

Price: $39.99

Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Important Note: Prices on Amazon are always prone to change, so be sure to double check for yourself.

Comfort & Design

No matter how many “new and revolutionary” (If I could roll my eyes over the internet, I would) features gaming peripheral manufacturers try to pack in to their devices, the most important consideration is user comfort. It doesn’t matter if a mouse has 30 programmable buttons and a billion different color combinations for the RGB lighting – if it’s jagged, rough, and poorly shaped, whose going to want to use it for an extended period of time?

In light of this, the #1 thing I love about this mouse is the comfort and overall shape. Logitech has proven several times in the past that they understand the basics of comfort and convenience, and the G602 is definitely no exception.

It’s contoured to fit just about any grip comfortably (I have a claw grip, myself), and the edges are rounded and smooth. It gives the G602 a sleek, simplified look. Not to mention the silver trim, which gives the mouse a pretty neat look while also drawing attention to a few important buttons that might ordinarily blend into the mostly-black materials.

The bottom line is, the G602 Is significantly more comfortable to use for extended periods of time than many other gaming mice out there, and it looks a lot better, too! That being said, there is no RGB color customization, unfortunately – one of the mouse’s few drawbacks (And something I loved about Logitech’s G502 Proteus Core).

Insane Battery Life

Now, onto one of the major selling points – battery life. The Logitech G602 battery life is advertised as an insane 250 hours, with power-saving “Delta Zero Sensor Technology”, whatever that means (I’ll take their word for it).

I’m one of those people that tends to have even my wireless devices plugged in if I’m at my desktop, but for testing purposes, I decided to put this mouse through its paces. I tested it for a full week, using it for most of the day, without charging it a single time – I didn’t encounter any issues whatsoever. Even if, by some chance, the battery life isn’t a full 250 hours (Sorry, but I didn’t have over a month to test this thing!), knowing that you can use it for at least a week without a charge should be reassuring.

Naturally, I can only speak for my own experiences, though, so I recommend checking out some other reviews on Amazon to see what other people’s experiences have been.

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Solid Performance & Customization

Most wireless mice have some issues with tracking, no matter how small or infrequent. An occasional signal loss here, a bit of jittery movement there – it’s to be expected, and it’s pretty hard to perfect. Not impossible, just difficult, especially for cheaper mice (Granted, the G602 is on sale right now – the retail price is higher).

The G602 has nearly flawless tracking and overall performance. I’ve experienced little to no jittering (But there has been a bit – I’d say once every few hours) or tracking loss through my week with the G602, and it seems this has been pretty consistent for most other users (Judging by the Amazon reviews).Logitech G602 mouse review

In addition to the superb performance and tracking, the G602 has quite a few customization options as well. Not color-wise, unfortunately (there’s no RGB customization here), but in terms of extra buttons. There are 11 fully programmable buttons on the G602 – 6 on the left side, conveniently placed just above the thumb rest, and 2 smaller buttons attached to the larger left mouse button.

Thanks to the Logitech G602 software, it’s very easy to adjust most aspects of the mouse quickly. You can bind each button to just about anything you can imagine – a webpage, a DPI setting, a DPI toggle (You tap one button to toggle through multiple predetermined DPI settings that you can choose), macros, and more.

Logitech has advertised their mouse buttons as being “Rated to 20 million clicks”, but, again, I can’t verify this for myself – I’ll just have to take their word for it. What I can verify is the quality of the buttons. They feel very tactile and responsive, so it’s quite possible that they will last 20 million clicks.

Is This The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Of 2016?

If not, it comes pretty close. There aren’t many other strong contenders out there right now, and most of the mice that could be contenders all cost upwards of $90 – sometimes upwards of $100.

In my personal opinion, the G602 is a fantastic gaming mouse at a very fair price point. The software is easy to use, the mouse itself is comfortable, and the programmable buttons are powerful and convenient to access.

But don’t just take my word for it – read other user reviews on Amazon and come to your own conclusion. People love this mouse!

Thanks for reading, everyone! What do you think of the G602?

Let me know in the comments below!

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