Logitech G710 Keyboard Review

Logitech G710 Keyboard Review

I briefly discussed the Logitech G710 (Among a few other great mechanical keyboards) in my article on the Top 5 Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming, but I didn't go into great detail about all of the awesome features and functions this keyboard has out of the box. Instead, I decided to save that for a full review - So here we are! Let's delve into what makes this keyboard so unique and functional with my Logitech G710 Keyboard Review!

Author's note - In viewing the Amazon store page, you may notice that the Logitech G710 has a "G710+" version as well - Don't worry, the only difference between the two is that the 710+ has muffled keyboard clicks, whereas the 710 has a more audible clicking sound. It comes down to personal preference, and this has no effect on features or performance!

Product Overview - Logitech G710 Mechanical Keyboard


  • Lightning fast - Nearly no latency
  • Satisfying, tactile feedback - It just feels more efficient to type with
  • Multiple keyboard profiles are useful for keeping work and gaming keybinds separate
  • Great build quality - Feels durable and sturdy


  • Cannot change the color of the backlighting - Stuck with white
  • Only 6 G-keys - A bit disappointing, but I haven't found myself needing more

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The Logitech G710 looks pretty awesome. This is due in part to the beautiful backlit keys, which can be dimmed or brightened with 5 brightness levels - All the way from the "is-this-thing-even-on" setting to the "blind-you-if-you-use-it-at-night" setting.

This is a feature I wish more gaming keyboards had (Mechanical or not) - People underestimate how much damage bright lights can do to your eyes in the dark. It's certainly caused me to get headaches on more than one occasion.

The WASD keys can actually have their brightness adjusted independent of the rest of the keyboard - There's two separate buttons for the keyboard as a whole and the WASD keys specifically near the top of the keyboard, to the left of the media controls. This is a nice touch for those of us who are either looking to save power, or just don't feel the need to have the whole keyboard lit up at once.

It's important to mention, however, that Logitech keyboards (In general) do not focus on flashiness - They focus on functionality. They go for simple, minimalist-style gear that works well.

This is perfectly fine by me, but I know many PC gamers like to have the flashiest gear possible - If that describes you, you may have to look elsewhere for your keyboard.


The G710 is a very functional keyboard, and you'll notice the difference (Especially if you've been using a membrane keyboard up until now) in performance right away. The G710 is extremely responsive, and lightning fast in terms of latency.

Whereas I might notice a very slight delay between my keypresses and the corresponding on-screen response in other keyboards, the G710 almost feels like it's predicting my keystrokes rather than responding to them.

This is probably just due to being used to using a membrane keyboard for so long (Your brain, naturally, gets used to the slight delay over time), but it was still a bit jarring to experience for the first time. Pleasant, but jarring.

Speaking of keypresses, the G710 is not a quiet keyboard - One thing mechanical keyboards in general are known for is their tendency to have audible "click" sounds (Though some manufacturers have "Silent" models).

If this bothers you, consider opting for the G710+ instead. It's the same as the G710 in every way except one - It's relatively silent. It's on the same store page as the G710, so give it a look!

I personally like the audible clicking sound - It helps me keep track of what keys I've actually pressed, and seems to have an effect on my typing accuracy in general.

Moving on from the keys themselves, let's talk about the other functions of the G710 - It has pretty standard media controls (With the exception of the physical volume scroll wheel - This is pretty unique to Logitech in most cases, and it's a godsend) - A play/pause button, stop button, fastforward and rewind buttons. Pretty boring stuff there.

There's a "gaming mode" button that disables the windows key (Though this really isn't an issue to begin with for most experienced PC gamers) when toggled.

Oddly, one thing the G710 is lacking a is a headset mute button. Strange, but not a huge downside.

Oh, and one final thing I want to mention before we move on - There's only 6 programmable G-keys on the left side of the keyboard. This isn't a dealbreaker for most people, but for those of you who are a bit trigger-happy with macros, this may be a significant deciding factor for you.


Logitech is known for making reliable, high-quality peripherals (The G502 Proteus mouse is an excellent example), and the G710 is definitely no exception to this trend. It feels surprisingly sturdy and well-built, but I've heard reports of the backlighting failing after a couple weeks of use on some models.

This issue has since been fixed with models now sold on Amazon, but if you choose to buy anywhere else, be aware of this and check the user reviews before grabbing a G710 for yourself. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but a failing back-light can really suck for gaming at night (Let's face it, most of us are up till 2AM playing).

The keys themselves feel very solid, and I haven't had any issues with them losing their responsiveness over time (Some people even reported spilling water directly onto their keyboards with no harmful effects - I do not recommend doing this, but if it's true, that's pretty awesome).

The only problem I can think of in regards to the keys themselves is that some of them aren't attached 100$ in-line with one another - A few (3 or 4) are slightly wonky and tilted slightly to one side. More than anything I think this adds character, but it's another slight nitpick I wanted to mention. Others have informed me that their G710s have this issue too, but with different keys.

Final Verdict - 4/5

The Logitech G710 is a great keyboard all around, but a few minor issues combined forced me to knock it down to a 4 instead of a 4.5:

  • The inability to change the color of the backlit keyboard (This should be standard in all modern gaming keyboards by now)
  • Lack of a built-in mic and headset jacks
  • Only 6 programmable G-keys

Aside from these minor gripes on my end, there's really nothing bad I can say about the G710. It's fast, responsive, sleek, and efficient - Just what you want in a high-performance keyboard for PC gaming. If you want to learn a bit more about it and get some other people's opinions on it, feel free to check it out on Amazon using the button below!

What are your thoughts on the G710? Let me know in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading, folks, and happy gaming!


  1. This is great – I think Logitech makes really nice keyboards. For me it’s all about touch – does it feel pleasant when you click on the keys? I like a bit of a click and not sort of a soft quiet keyboard. I think the cons are pretty negligible honestly – backlight colors – if people really care about that – that’s silly. But I think otherwise it sounds like a perfect keyboard.

    1. Author

      They’re an awesome company, I’m a huge Logitech fanboy. Their stuff is just so durable. I mostly agree with you in terms of the cons being easy to ignore, but I do love the ability to customize the colors of a backlit keyboard. I was disappointed that the G710 didn’t let me, but it still wasn’t a dealbreaker.

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